Rob Adamson

Aug 7, 2020

2 min read

The Simple Real Protection from Covid-19 You Could Not Get

  • Finally, the CDC is recommending N95 masks

N95 masks, without a respirator valve, filter 95% of both large and small particles in both directions. N95 masks filter microscopic particles using a layer of fibers arranged to maximize their chance of contacting these particles. Weak, short-range electrostatic forces (Van der Waals) enable particles to stick to the layers.

Is America in short supply? Check out this video: Why You Can’t Find An N95 Mask Despite Plenty For Sale

Expensive N95 Masks from Manufacturer Uniair
Why not enough N95 Masks in America?

If everyone wore one of these in public, Covid-19 would be eliminated within months. But good luck buying these masks. According to the CDC, these masks are only for health care workers due to a supply shortage. So the solution we all want and need is unavailable because we simply can’t produce enough of them?

Why is the government, along with companies like 3M, not cranking out these masks? Is the simple remedy impossible to mass produce in America? Do you believe that? Perhaps someone wants to sell us a vaccine eventually. A vaccine that may or may not work. Pfizer reached a $1.95 billion covid-19 vaccine deal with U.S. government for the delivery of their vaccines they claim are 95% effective. So what about a deal for N95 masks? I thought prevention was the best cure.

Helmet laws require head gear that complies with the standards established by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). So why do masks have no guidelines? What about masks that actually work as a standard?

Researchers at Duke recently tested all kinds of masks. Most are worthless, but the N95 works. The mask at the top that works is the one you can’t buy. We should demand fast and reasonable access to real masks.

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