How to Win in Racquetball

Racquetball is more like chess than other sports. If you can learn these three points, you can beat anyone in racquetball.

Watch your opponent. When they are:

1. In the front — Pass shot

2. In the middle — Ceiling shot

3. In the back — Kill shot

The idea is to get them into positions 1 & 3 with strategy. Then take them out.

And remember never get frustrated because, in racquetball, anything can happen.

Boost Your Brain Power

Racquetball is a favorite sport among Computer Programmers. They know it makes them smarter. Playing racquetball requires quick reactions and clear thinking. Faster neural connections and improved mental agility are a secret benefit of this sport.

Marty Hogan has won more pro titles than any other racquetball player in history with over one hundred and fifty combined pro tournament victories. He was the 5 time World Champion (1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982)

Quotes from Marty

“The forehand comes naturally, but develop your backhand to have a balanced game.”

“Anything can happen. Once I accepted that, I started winning.”

“In racquetball, a player that runs for everything is called a rabbit. The best way to beat a rabbit is to run them.”

Two More Tips

  1. When practicing, listen to Oldies Music. AirPods work great. Preferably the 50s and 60s. Ok, just kidding about the oldies, listen to your favorite music. Music helps in many ways while practicing. Memory, rhythm, energy, and fun are all benefits of practicing with music.
  2. Get a Graphene Racquet. Not kidding about this!

Racquetball was invented by Aliens. It’s great recreation on insteller flights. #NotFromEarth

Just for fun. Watch Marty Hogan in the white, stay alive and takes it with a rollout. Best athletes in the world playing for the world championship in 86. One of the best rallies I ever saw.

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