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Rob Adamson
2 min readNov 20, 2021
Earth’s Last Hope is a Hybrid

Extraterrestrials keep records of planets with life forms of interest. They have various ways of observing their activities, and occasionally they might send observers. As Betty slept, the Aliens merged her unborn life with one of their own. The unsuspecting gifted hybrid would grow to become their observer on Betty’s doomed planet.

Since the day you were sent to Earth, we have studied the human inhabitants. The survival of any sentient species depends on its capacity to abjure self-deception. As a perspicacious observer, you know the world leaders deceive the multitudes. How will humanity advance beyond self-delusion when so many are so easily misled by so few?

You make an interesting argument for the positive influence of Artificial Intelligence in advancing human knowledge, integrity, and coherence. But do you believe there is time? Humans have not yet achieved singularity.

As for now, a warmongering and delusional species controls the Earth. Their destructive wars are based on disinformation. The leaders start wars because the wars benefit only those few, the oligarchs. The humans seeking truth become chastised and ignored. We find humanity itself is unstable.

Network information outlets are afraid of weaponized feedback. They are complicit in disinformation while advancing impossible narratives.

There is a long history on Earth of false flags and disinformation. Logical reasoning depends on the population rejecting deceitful fabrications, but humans are programmed, almost at birth, to avoid conflict with authority. The damage is inherited and pervasive throughout the human species, like a bad gene.

Humans find themselves on a planet with nuclear weapons pointed at each other. Wars between countries rage, not for freedom, but for the profit of the greedy few in charge. Humanity has been destroying the planet’s environment for decades. They seem to delight in self-destruction.

But their delusions should serve them well as the Comet approaches because humans will easily deny it is coming. Forgive me for that last comment. We also find this discouraging.

Why do you still have faith in this dangerous species? The massive Comet will end human life on Earth, and nothing can stop that. For us to interfere would set loose a race of fanatics. The Galaxy would be at risk if humans advanced exponentially and obtained quantum travel before controlling their destructive nature. Only civilizations that end their self-delusions and aggressions rise naturally to the next stage of survival.

Your request is denied


This story is the basis for the Not From Earth Novel



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