AI Style Transfer with Depth Mask and Segmentation

Rob Adamson
2 min readJan 9, 2019


I’m making a public disclosure, and I have one year to patent this process.

The invention is AI Machine Learning Style Transfer effects with a Portrait Mode Depth Mask.

With this invention, you can apply any AI Style Transfer Effects to a Portrait Mode Image that contains a Depth Matte. The combination is remarkable.

Here is a youtube video primary example

New Smart Phones have dual cameras that are able to capture depth in an image. My invention combines Depth with Style Transfer, two new and amazing technologies.

Depth Mask with Portrait Style Transfer

I’m writing a technical coding article that explains how I built this App. I’ll release the article when I publish the App sometime this month or next. The publication has excellent information for programmers working in the new fields of image recognition, style transfer effects and more. The App will serve as a working example.

Segmented Image with specific style transfer

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