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“Can I go play now?” Robbie asked his mom for the 4th time.

The doorbell rang. As his mom rushed out of the kitchen, she yelled, “Yes, you can play now.”

Robbie kicked open the abused kitchen screen door and darted outside. He could see his best friend, Glenn, was on his way to the hollow. Like an older brother, Glenn taught Robbie how to fight, climb trees and talk to girls.

Robbie ran down the wet cement steps onto the garage patio, hopped over the 3-foot guard rail, shimmied down the flag pole, and was on his way to the hollow. …

Last Hope

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In the 1940s, with the detonation of atomic bombs, Earth became the interest of several advanced alien civilizations. And one observer found a threat that would soon end all life on the fledgling planet.

Earth had not yet unlocked the keys to quantum entanglement for faster than light speed transportation, so it was no threat to other planets. And with this impending natural disaster, there was little chance the planet would ever become a threat.

On Jul 25, 2020, an asteroid 130 meters across missed the Earth by just 50,000 miles or 1/5 the Moon’s distance. …

Update — N95 masks are still not available. Online orders from China take over a month if they arrive at all. Doctors say upgrade to a surgical mask “but of course N95 masks are not available.”

N95 masks, without a respirator valve, filter 95% of both large and small particles in both directions. N95 masks filter microscopic particles using a layer of fibers arranged to maximize their chance of contacting these particles. Weak, short-range electrostatic forces (Van der Waals) enable particles to stick to the layers.

Update — Although you cannot purchase real N95 Masks from Amazon, I was able to purchase 10 masks for $100 online from CovCare and they finally arrived. Now the questions is, are these real or counterfeit, and why are they so expensive? Here is a link to the large amount of counterfeit masks. And the next link is the CDC approved masks. So it turns out that these masks were manufactured in China, but they are approved. …

I’ve been writing software since the golden age. I knew the founders of Novel, Microsoft, Borland, Evans & Sutherland, Pansophic, Apple, Oracle, Electronic Data Systems, Computer Associates and others. Most of the legends are gone now, but what a trip. They would dream about a world connected by computers. Some of the legends became wealthy from luck or just good business sense, and some did not, but they were all dreamers. That is what they all had in common.

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Freedom Code

Lately, I’ve found myself writing about the future. It’s fun! I was working on a SciFi Novel and taking a master class from Dan Brown when a thought occurred to me. Dan Brown was teaching that to build a thriller novel; writers should create an almost impossible scenario for their heroes. Don’t worry about the solution. Although the hero has only a short time to solve the problem, you, as the not so magnificent writer, have all the time you need to find the answer. …

Imagine that in the not too distant future, androids become indistinguishable from humans in both appearance and behavior. This is entirely possible.

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Then imagine we develop Virtual Reality that is indistinguishable from our own reality.

Why do we build androids and virtual reality? What compels us?

Now try to imagine that these two technologies have never been done before anywhere in the universe. Yet, if in 30 years, we are experiencing both android singularity and full simulated reality, then why are we not currently living in a simulated reality right now?

When did we become programmers? Is this creativity a sudden burst of curiosity or something much older?

Racquetball is more like chess than other sports. If you can learn these three points, you can beat anyone in racquetball.

Watch your opponent. When they are:

1. In the front — Pass shot

2. In the middle — Ceiling shot

3. In the back — Kill shot

The idea is to get them into positions 1 & 3 with strategy. Then take them out.

And remember never get frustrated because, in racquetball, anything can happen.

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Boost Your Brain Power

Racquetball is a favorite sport among Computer Programmers. They know it makes them smarter. Playing racquetball requires quick reactions and clear thinking. …

In the year 2048, the Earth was again on the brink of nuclear war. The planet killer weapons aged in their silos — a perverted gift from the past. The dismal efforts to dismantle the weapons failed time and again. The lack of political will, the lack of courage, and the lack of intelligence was the cornerstone of the hardy perennial. There was no substantial disarmament.

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Atomic Bomb on Earth

With tremendous advances in renewable energy and improved water purification, territorial squabbles had no purpose. …

The Gift Only They Can Give

In a military where more soldiers are dying from suicide than enemy fire, what can be done?

The ethical damage of conflict may be worse than physical injuries. Once a soldier returns from some questionable battlefields, it is difficult or impossible to repair the mental trauma.

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The VA has started calling this “moral injury,” but that and words like “collateral damage” are absurd. They hide the real cost of war with words like those. Only veterans can explain the ethical impact of war. No one alive can forgive them for those they killed.

But incredibly, explaining what they did 6,000 miles away in a conflict far from the public’s consciousness can help. Making the next war less likely is a new kind of battle that heals. May they choose courage and that ethical battle over suicide. May they give us what no others can. …

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A dual lens camera, like that on the back of an iPhone X, uses the lens separation to detect a parallax shift to measure 3D depth.

Objects closer to the camera, shift by a greater distance between the two lenses. This parallax shift based on distance is called disparity.

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So how does the single front-facing camera measure depth since there is only one lens? This technology is called TrueDepth. You might be surprised to know that the TrueDepth camera projects an infrared light pattern in front of the camera.

By observing the infrared pattern distortions from objects in front of the camera lens, the snapshot software calculates the distance from the camera to each point in the image. From this, the software creates its disparity.

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Both technologies then generate a secondary image of depth pixels — a depth map. But instead of each pixel representing a color, the pixels represent depth at that point in the picture. By combining a depth map with colors, it is possible to blur or even make transparent parts of a photo such as the background of a portrait. …

There is a popular theory that the Moon is hollow. But by hollow, they don’t mean empty. When I first heard this theory, I burst out laughing. The Moon is just the Moon, right? This is a funny theory.

Here is the current mainstream description of the moon’s composition (figure 1). NASA and many scientists say the Moon has an Earth-like core. But the moon has a mass of only 1.2% of the Earth while being 1/4 the diameter of the Earth. So that is not entirely the same. Our Moon is light for its size.

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figure 1 — composition of the Moon

The latest evaluations claim the moon has a solid steel inner core. But according to NASA that solid core is only 150 miles in diameter. The rest of the core is pure conjecture. But even if they are right, the moon has the smallest core of any planet or moon in our entire solar system. …


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