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Rob Adamson

What if we could invent a better way to invent?

Recently, climate scientists told us that we have a 50/50 chance of survival if we become “carbon neutral” by 2050. That target is unlikely because we would need a miraculous invention. We would soon need a cheap electric car battery with a range of thousands of miles.

So we, the people of Planet Earth, are doomed. The greed of the few outweighs the good of the many. …

Einstein and Bohr had a great debate at The Solvay Conference in Belgium in 1927. Here was a gathering of some of the most intelligent people on Earth.

1927 Solvay Conference of Realism vs Quantum

Einstein believed that God gave us a universe of common sense reality and that we would find the one common theory that made sense of everything. Einstein believed in Realism, and to the very end, he wanted to find the Theory of Everything.

Bohr, on the other hand, believed in a new theory of Quantum Mechanics, that our universe was like Alice in Wonderland and that Quantum Entanglement did not care at all about space and time.

Einstein believed that everything is separated by space and time and he found comfort in the limit of the speed of light. Bohr…

Developers Thinking Like Designers

There are over 2 million IOS Apps and 3.8 million Android Apps to choose from. So an excellent App design is critical.

It only takes 3 taps for any User to delete your App. That happens if the User gets frustrated or has no emotional connection to the App. The bottom line is that users fall for an App because of the design and how easy it is to use. Features and proper coding alone will not sell an App.

Today just a few developers are able to crank out remarkable Apps. But the key for…

Silicon Valley Billionaires have secret plans to live forever.

Imagine a new startup that offers on-sight virtual reality tours. You enter their futuristic building by the Bay and select a destination, a destination in time. You chose Ancient Rome. You buy your ticket, and they provide you with their latest equipment. Next, you find yourself standing by the original Flavian Amphitheatre, in the center of ancient Rome.

Imagine VR Tours has perfected their technology to where you cannot tell the difference between reality and the virtual world. You soon forget that your experience is an illusion.

Now imagine you are…

Last hope


The Ripley family’s 1946 Hudson Commodore rolled south on Highway 285 toward Roswell, New Mexico. The two girls, Joyce and Judee, held their English Pointer across their laps and begged their mom one more time, “How much longer?”

Ten minutes later, their father, Joseph, pulled the smooth-riding green Sedan into a gas station. After filling the tank and buying lunch baskets at a corner market, they found the Roswell town amusement park. The girls sprang from the car with their dog. Barking and screaming, they ran for the playground.

Soon the father joined them, but their mother, Sandra…

Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have said that AI could spell the end of humanity? I can’t entirely agree with them. Without machines, the human body cannot fly, and without AI, the human mind cannot ascend. As Steve Jobs would say, AI is just a tool.

Artificial Intelligence helped create the Covid-19 vaccine in record time. Some scientists say it might have taken a decade without it. Eventually, AI will help us find the cure for aging. It’s not our destruction that AI will bring us; it’s our longevity. …

In The Stand, a man-made virus wipes out 97% of the human race. Halfway through his book, Stephen King, developed writer’s block.

He saved his best masterpiece with a moment of inspiration while on a walk. He finally discovered his story. And with that, he could finish the book.

What I believe the master writers are trying to say is that good fiction starts with a story and progresses to a theme.

In programming, they teach you to flow chart first and then write. Many companies demand this approach. In schools, students are taught this bad programming approach. …

Alien Offer

Narrated by the Author

Awakened by the sounds, 73-year-old Met Driscoll managed to sit-up on the leather sofa after falling asleep there the night before. He still worked late at night writing computer software, an old habit. His wife was busy in the adjacent kitchen.

Old Biker Sees Aliens

Met found his iPhone buried in the sofa crack between the cushion and the rest of the couch. The time was 10 am. He checked the Yahoo weather App and found the temperature was 71 degrees with low winds. He made his way to the hall and climbed up the stairs on all…

Short Story
Short Story

“Can I go play now?” Robbie asked his mom for the 4th time.

Audio Version

The doorbell rang. As his mom rushed out of the kitchen, she yelled, “Yes, you can play now.”

Robbie kicked open the abused kitchen screen door and darted outside. He could see his best friend, Glenn, was on his way to the hollow. Like an older brother, Glenn taught Robbie how to fight, climb trees and talk to girls.

Robbie ran down the wet cement steps onto the garage patio, hopped over the 3-foot guard rail, shimmied down the flag pole, and was on his…

Oh, a year later they have figured it out?

Update — Now we know part of the reason N95 masks were unavailable to the American public.

N95 masks, without a respirator valve, filter 95% of both large and small particles in both directions. N95 masks filter microscopic particles using a layer of fibers arranged to maximize their chance of contacting these particles. Weak, short-range electrostatic forces (Van der Waals) enable particles to stick to the layers.

Is America in short supply? Check out this video: Why You Can’t Find An N95 Mask Despite Plenty For Sale


(real &…

Rob Adamson

Programmer, Mtn Biker, Writer & Blogger. Wrote: BASE SciFi Novel, Mediaforge, Instant Replay, Gener/OL, Patents.

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